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Moonrise hare rabbit scented candle [ Pre-order for 2/2022 ]


Hand thrown in black clay, with the hare rabbits engravings and glazed in HAMA signature fine texture white glaze 'Moonrise'. Filled with high quality vegetal wax, lead-free cotton wick, fine fragrance and essential oil by BeCandle.

Formulation guided by BeCandle, we named this original scent 'Winter Forest', in the mood of hare rabbits basking in the sun in the snowy morning.

Scent notes: Blood orange, mandarin, citrus, musk, cedarwood with the hints of sandalwood, musky,  powdery smoothness, and woody amber.

Net weight 200g, approx. burn time 50 hours.

Limited quantity of 100 pieces for this batch. Pick up at HAMA store in early February, 2022. *Local pick up only for now*

Terms & Conditions

  • The size and detail of same pottery items may be slightly varied, since every part is handmade.
  • We do not offer refunds for purchased goods. We’re happy to assist you in person to complete an exchange for in-store purchases or pickup.